According to the Register Guard, United Van Lines stastics ranked Oregon as one of the two most popular destainations to move their clients in 2017. Vermont ranking first. Atlas Moving Company concurred placing Oregon in 8th place in their records. These reports comes as no surprise to realtors. With prices still well below both California and Washington, the Oregon market continues to thrive.  However, home prices are still excessive compared to many areas of the nation.  So what  drives people to the state? According to stastics,  50% relocated here due to career changes while a smaller percentage moved just to be closer to family. Locally, I also see an influx of California buyers moving here to retire or purchase  a second home for vacations.

So what of the future? Will the spring market be as crazy as it was last year?  I believe so. Already, the market has taken a significant uptick in the last few weeks. Homes in desired locations, needing a minimal of updating go pending within days.  Add to this the prediction of increasing interest rates over the next 6 months, and buyers find themselves highly motivated to enter the real estate market sooner rather than later.  

Undervalued areas to keep in mind as you consider purchasing a home is Aloha. With the new South Hillsboro Community ready to break ground, the 2018 Street of Dreams under construction off of SW 229th near the Reserve Vineyard and Golf Course,  the Mountain View Champions Park, and the new Hazeldale Elementary School to open in 2018,  I expect more people to be drawn to the area increasing Aloha's desirability. Buy now before that happens.

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