If you are considering moving to Portland, Oregon be prepared for the city’s obsession with coffee.   The Seattle based Starbucks originated the craze back in 1989 when it opened  its first store in Pioneer Courthouse Square where it still stands 28 years later.  But Starbucks brought more than coffee to the city; it brought a new way of life. The novelty of sitting down over a cup of gourmet coffee sparked a novel way to socialize. Friends gathered, students brought their laptops to study, while others enjoyed the luxury of curling up in an overstuffed chair with their newspapers.  The rage began and coffee shops soon popped up on every corner.  But surprisingly the passion with coffee did not fade with time; instead, for Portlanders it intensified.  The art of brewing and pouring evolved from a job to an art, with baristas vying to win competitions with their speed, knowledge, and presentation.

Now years later, the love of coffee continues. The city boasts some of the best cafes in the nation. The Business Insider claims Coava Coffee Brew Bar, the best coffee shop in Portland.  As I’ve not tried that particular spot, I cannot validate the claim, but I’ve added it to my bucket list.  My personal favorites downtown are Sisters Coffee  and  Ovation in the Pearl, or Good Coffee on the East side.  If you plan to travel a little further out of town, Insomnia tops my personal choice on the Westside. Pick up a bag of Tortoiseshell coffee from their roaster, Dapper & Wise.  While you wait for the barista to grind it, order a Dirty Chai to go or maybe a Lavender latte with Hemp milk.   Delicious!  If Beaverton is out of your way, try  Well & Good or Symposium in Tigard and Sherwood . They both give Insomnia some great competition.

So when you land at PDX in search of a new home, forgo picking up a coffee at the airport and wait until you reach the city.  Select a coffee shop, grab your stack of RMLSweb listings you plan on viewing later in the day and indulge in the Portland culture.   If you have a little extra time, sip your way through Portland’s Artisan Coffee scene with Third Wave Coffee Tours.  Schedule a tour most days of the week and stroll through our city with an expert.   

Just one last recommendation: Be kind to your realtor. Switch to decaf after the second or third stop!